How to take care of your gold ornaments

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Gold is known for its beauty and worth.

In India, it is believed that gold is the money of the Gods. If we take the total amount of gold in the world, a great percentage of it belongs to India.

Gold is a soft metal that requires great care. And many of us are clueless when it comes to taking care of our gold ornaments. If you take care of it properly, you can make it sparkle for generations.

We will tell you our secret tips on how to clean and store your gold jewelry well.

Gold jewelry caring tips


  • Keep it away from chemicals

The chemicals in your shampoo, perfumes and the chlorine in water can damage your precious ornaments. So take it off when you are taking a bath and avoid applying perfume around jewelry.

  • Polish them with a microfiber cloth

Sometimes cleaning with a polishing cloth is just enough. Soak your ornaments in a cup of warm water and then clean them thoroughly with a microfiber cloth.

  • Store them well

Gold is smooth and it can get dull when it gets exposed to heat and light. If your gold ornament has any stones studded, the heat can damage them as well.

Always have a special box to store your gold jewelry.

  • Get professional help

We would recommend you get your precious ornaments professionally cleaned by a jeweler. Nothing will ever substitute that because a jeweler knows the proper procedure to clean your jewelry.

We know how important and precious these ornaments are to you. Follow these aforementioned easy steps and your gold jewelry will always be as good as new.

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