Here are 5 Super Simple Ways to Tell if your Gold is Real

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Gold is embraced by all in the form of jewellery, bars, and other forms. Owing to its precious nature, this dense lustrous yellow metal has a great cost attached to it. Be it a wedding, investment or trading, gold boasts a plethora of purposes. However, all these applications of gold also make it a victim of adulteration and forgery. You don’t want to bring home gold that is impure and can fetch you nothing in return.


For all those with gold jewellery at home or if you are all set to purchase gold, here are 5 super simple ways you must undertake before you make the purchase. Read on to know further.

  • A Magnet will do the Trick


Remember a simple rule – gold is not magnetic. Hold a magnet near your gold jewellery or piece of gold. If there is an attraction to that magnet piece, your gold is not real. However, there is something that you should keep in mind. Certain non-magnetic base metals are also added to gold sometimes. Thus, along with this magnetic test, have a few more tests to determine the authenticity of your gold.

  • A Glass of Water for Gold


Gold has a dense nature. Get a glass of water and drop your gold jewellery or gold bar in that glass. If it floats, it’s not real. If it doesn’t float or hover over the bottom of the glass, your gold is real.

  • The Magic of Vinegar


Carefully drop some vinegar drops on your gold. If it is real gold, there won’t be any change in the colour. However, if the metal is not real gold, it will change its colour when you drop vinegar on it. A super simple yet effective test that can be done at home on your own.

  • Let your Skin do the Test


Finding the authenticity of gold cannot be this simple. Real gold never reacts with skin. In fact, it can withstand the test of many other substances such as detergents, perfumes, soap, etc. Take the piece of jewellery and rub it on your skin. If there is any reaction or change on your skin or that gold piece, chances are high that the gold jewellery is fake. You can see that the skin where you touched that gold piece will turn either green, blue, or black.

  • Check the Size and Weight


Before you undertake this test, you need to have a piece of gold or gold jewellery that you believe is real. Get a weighing scale or a digital weight machine and compare the weight of both pieces. Gold is denser compared to other metals. If your gold piece or jewellery piece is too heavy or too light for its size, then you may have adulterated or fake gold.


Wrapping Up


The aforementioned were the super simple ways to find out if your gold piece or jewellery is real or fake. And if you don’t want to undertake these tests and are looking for an authentic, genuine and trusted source to purchase gold, Apollo De Valeur is here to end your search. Established in the year 1987, Apollo De Valeur is the largest jewellery boutique in Kerala that offers unadulterated gold jewellery. Invest in purity with us!

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